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Celeb Styles

Celebrity Styles
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So first of all, you want to know what to post, right? Good! Mods and members alike may create posts dedicated to emulating the styles of celebrities. If you want to steal the styles of models or normal, everyday trendsetters streetstyles is the place for you. 

You may also post links to great online boutiques if you stumble across one or two and what to share.In addition feel free to create discussion/debates about current styles and trends and that ask members to comment and share their thoughts.

Hi, let's be realistic. Lots of people do not and can't pay 6498 dollars for a single outfit, so if you choose to create a 'steal this style,' don't use outrageous prices! 

We don't want to see ten thousand Paris Hilton posts. And guess what? We'll delete them if we do. It's not very hard to log on to
shopkitson or
juicycouture and find what she's wearing. We will make the occasional exceptions if she's wearing something fantastic. But hey, that'll be rare.

Don't be a bitch. We'll ban you. Share your thoughts, but don't deliberately act like an ass and put others down.

We're always accepting affiliates. Be sure to add us first and then
give us a comment so that we can return the favor.

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